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Tuere Cheka’s Astrological and Spiritual Readings
For insight inspiration and energetic weather reports
All readings are accurate and in great detail. Satisfaction guaranteed!!
– I can guide your chart to sing to you; or, I can sing your chart back to you.
– I provide astrological readings and energetic weather reports in mystic poetry with talking drums; presented as songs, instrumentals, and music for the individual or the group (on CD).
– I am available for consultations and readings for large groups or individuals.
– I am available for events such as: celebrations, self-empowerment, initiations, business improvement, rites of passage, conflict resolution, and sustainable community development.
Abilities: The detective that dives into the underworld in order to return human affairs to be in accord with the Mandate of Heaven. The navigator that navigates dark waters, penetrating and revealing what is hidden. I am adept at transmuting toxic, negative, nasty energy into a wholesome vitality.